2011年05月24日 06:49

Madam Chairman, fellow Toastmasters!
Since the March 11th, everything was changed.
Our community, society, lifestyle, circumstances of energy. All of them are changing now.
In our organization, we have been unable to escape from this Tsunami of change.
Some club are stopped their meeting.
Some clubs in Kanto and Tohoku regions are required to change the meeting place, date or time to keep their regular meeting running.
The number of their members and guest decreased at quite a few Clubs in these regions.
On top of that, this summer, we may face harder situation in running meetings without air conditioning.

It is time of emergency for District 76.
We are required to change our District operation from usual way to emergency.
We have to step out from our comfort zone to the next stage to keep our District.
Today, I would like to say some specific proposals in order to retain membership and increase new members of District 76
1.To make financial support for damaged clubs.

2.To create marketing team to support weak clubs, rebuilding clubs and prospective clubs beyond the current framework of Areas and Divisions.
3.dream Sendai conference near future as symbol of restoration.
We are in the emergency situation. Let’s Spread our wings and support each other to conquer this tough situation.
I ask you to vote for Distinguished Toastmaster Keith Ohmi for LGM.
Vote for me!